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Numerology is one of the oldest and most popular forms of divination. We all have a day-to-day connection with numbers and see them in everything we do. Numbers form our date of birth, our age, our street address, work address, secret combination locks, the timing of events, and all our administrative burden of banking, taxation, national ID card - not least the quick calculations we do in our heads, the page number of the book we are reading - there are numbers everywhere.

The affinity and familiarity we have with numbers gives numerology a perk over other methods of predicting destiny and fortune, such as astrology, tarot, runecasting and psychic divination. There is less mystique over the number 7 than there is over a planet being in a particular house, or knowing what the ace of wands may represent in a given context, and no special paranormal talents are required. In short, the entry level for the aspiring numerologist is easy - we already know what a number is, so the average person on the street can pick up the concepts very easily.

The novice may find there is more to numerology than simply opening up a book on numerology and learning by rote "this number is good and this one is bad". There is a careful interplay and not all interpretations are straightforward. This is why we have professional numerologists who have spent years honing their craft and interpretative capabilities. The price of a professional reading however makes it less of an attractive choice unless you want some deep serious guidance - there needs to be an equivalent affordable solution for daily queries, quick decisions or just general interest. After all, who hasn't been intrigued to read the daily horoscope in the newspaper and give it a few moments' thought?

Here is where numerology apps come into play. At a low cost, or even completely for free, you can use your smartphone to generate predictions and provide numerological tips for how your day may go. Even reassurance about your lucky numbers, love partners and personal or work relationships can be provided as and when you need it. Very neat and very handy.

However, I must stress again - numerology apps fulfil the niche for quick easy answers. They are no replacement for a professional reading. There are also other exciting online alternatives, such as where you can get a free reading and engage with various numerologists and the numerological community at large. But this article will deal with those short terms solutions that you can literally hold in your hand.

So without further ado, let's have a look at the various apps available:

Complete Numerology Horoscope

This is a straightforward numerology app that takes name and date of birth as input and provides a wealth of information in return. It introduces you to various important numbers relating to your personal characteristics, including your birth number, destiny number, life path and soul number. The app also makes predictions about hidden talents you may be harbouring, tips on love life and fashion, not least a view on your health, career and finances.

Numerology Calculator

This numerology app uses your birthday number as a starting point to calculate various other numbers covering everything from your heart's desire through to your personal expression and challenges, and much more!

Numerology Guru

This numerology app uses name and date of birth information to derive predictions relating to destiny, relationships, karma and health amongst many others. A neat feature of this free app is that you can test compatibility with another person, given you know their birth name and birth date, revealing the potential in your relationship with that person.

Numerology By Yonera

This app is based around the Chaldean system of numerology, which is one of the most prominent and ancient numerological methodologies. This encourages regular use with daily and annual forecasts, and leans towards the astrological side, so good for those with interest in that area too.


Rather than plumping for an ancient numerological system, this particular numerology app uses the bang up-to-date Hans Decoz system. This app can store your name and date of birth, as well as those of the people you know, and reveals numbers and explanations for your life path, personality, heart's desire and compatibility with others. Perfect for understanding your strengths and which parts of your like require more work; likewise with others.

Numerology by astroYogi

This app is perfectly simple to use, taking name and date of birth as its input. The perks of this piece of software are its ability to provide daily predictions, and I like the feature of the lucky colour!

Numerology Daily Horoscope

I like these apps that have you coming back each morning for a daily forecast, and this one makes this forecast the main feature, also including monthly and annual readings. The personal readings are useful for extra context too.

Numerology Calculator (Windows 10)

This app is as simple as they come, indeed it may be too brief and cursory for those who want pages of explanation and output, not least a gentle colour scheme, but nonetheless it does what it says on the box - it's a numerology calculator. Takes a name, gives you a number. That's about it.


A clean and basic numerology app that takes name as input and provides a straightforward resume detailing the characteristics of your number and expected destiny.

Numbers And You

This app belies a basic design with quite a thorough level of detail when compared to some of its peers. Name and date of birth come into play for making the predictions, and you are presented with a spread of interesting information, some astrological, some more down to earth eg. personality, jobs, health. The small details like the colours and jewels associated with a number I am particularly keen on.


The name of this app doesn't slip off the tongue that well, but this aside we have a numerology app that is actually fairly educational as well as giving you a tailored output. Fancy knowing how these apps and the world of numerology works? Well this is the one for you.

Leo Numerology Calculator

It's nice to see a numerology app that thinks and acts outside of the box. As well as the usual information about lucky numbers, we also get the other side of the coin - your evil numbers! Ever heard of a radical number before? We have all sorts of things in here, ranging from suggestions on how to alter the spelling of your name to be more propitious, through to a graph of how the numbers may have pulled the strings on your fate over the years. I like this fresh approach a lot!

Numerology-st Free

A curiously named app, with the aesthetic quality of a Unix terminal screen. But...for those who appreciate no nonsense messages, this certainly delivers. And if you want to know where your numerology "comes from", this app cites its methodology as from the Cheiro branch of numerology, which is as solid a pedigree as you can get.

Numerology Reader - Kabbalah

Those with a broader view on spiritual topics will understand the part that the Kabbalah plays in numerology, but in terms of this numerology app, we have both a personal reader incorporating annual readings, plus an educational element shedding light on the practice of numerology, its history and origins.


As you can see, numerology apps about on the marketplace for providing readings across different disciplines of numerology. And that's just a spread of the apps you can download right away for free and get started with.

It can be assumed that when using valued numerology systems of long usage, we should see quality in the conviction and reliability of these readings. However, bear in mind that all the apps listed are limited in scope and whilst they do what they do very well, the output is by its nature automated and can only cover a broad and general perspective. The personal touch, which a professional or a capable self-taught numerologist could deliver, is notably absent.

The apps suffice for somebody starting out with a curiosity for numerology and finding their feet with it. Once you have a thirst for moving on and asking more searching questions, or have more bespoke requirements, we step well beyond what a circuit board and screen is going to be capable of, at least for the forseeable future.

For this reason, numerology apps cannot be considered a straight replacement for living breathing numerologists, nor a one-stop solution. A broad view of somebody's characteristics via their name and date of birth is well and good in most cases, but a professional might be able to immediately spot interesting nuances via their experience and learning, and use them as trails in their investigation and reporting.

Apps, books, webpages are all great resources for getting a feel for numerology and understanding systems so that you can pick up the skills. But it needn't be a lonely road, and the next step therefore is to start engaging with the worldwide numerology community. Here you will pick up advice and understanding about numerology at professional standards at the fraction of the cost of having a reading with a professional numerologist. Indeed, online communities always have professionals in their midst!

The most well known numerology community is that which is over at As well as free information and advice, you also have a great range of materials, resources and contact with other aspiring numerologists once you get deeper into the site. Check it out via this link and make the most of what is has to offer!

NB. Note that numerology apps are for entertainment purposes only, do not make any guarantees of accuracy or reasonable advice, nor are they responsible for your personal decisions and actions.